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Welcome to Houston Roof Repair, the best local roof repair service in Houston. We are expert in all kind of repairs caused by water leaks, storm, wind, hail and hurricane damage. Call us anytime for emergency roof leak and repair in Houston.

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Our roof repair experts provide quick and affordable roof repairs throughout the city of Houston. Hire our expert Roof Leak Repair Houston solutions in Houston NOW!

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Houston Roof Repair offers a variety of services including Commercial Roof Repair in Houston. Connect with us to hire our expert roofers in Houston NOW!

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Your roof is vulnerable to year round hard weather conditions and need frequent maintenance and repair. When you need emergency roof repair in Houston give Houston Roof Leak Repair experts a call.  

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Looking for the best roof leak repair Houston TX? We’ve got your back. At Houston Roof Repair we understand how important it is to do a roof repair right from beginning to finish. Our roof repair experts explain the repair process every step of the way and strive to provide results that exceeds your expectations.

We provide regular maintenance and roof leak repair Houston and the surrounding areas such as The Woodlands, Tomball, Spring, Cypress, Katy, Sugarland and Humble.

To file an insurance claim is a complicated process. However, we are one of the roofing companies in Houston that make things simple for you. At Houston Roof repair, we guide Houston homeowners through the insurance claim process and paperwork.

We are available for emergency repairs when you need them. Simply call our emergency hotline at (800) 810.2365 and we will be happy to help you with your repair needs.

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Houston Roof Repair

Houston Roof Repair is the leader in roof leak repair and new roof replacement throughout the Houston area. We are the most trusted and respected roofing contractors. Our team of experts guarantees that your roof repairs will be done professionally and efficiently so you can get back to enjoying your lives as fast as possible. From total roof replacement service to repairing a leaking or hail damaged roof, trust Houston Roof Repair to guide you through the repair process from start to finish.

Why Choose Houston Roof Repair for Your Roofing Concerns?

Houston Roof Repair is a family-run business which has been operating successfully for over 10 years now. Over the years, we’ve completed above 950 roofing projects that included major damage concerns such as roof leak repair Houston. With our expert team of professionals and abundant resources, we deliver the best roof repair and replacement services.

Replacement, installing or repairing the roof of a property requires great expertise. Since a roof is an important element of a house or building, customers require a skilled and experienced team to deal with any roofing concerns. We at Houston Roof Repair, have an experienced and qualified group of roofers in Houston that are more than capable of addressing those concerns.

But that’s not all, other than repair and replacement jobs we also offer other roofing services such as metal roofing Houston and more. Our roofing services involve inspection of the property and then execute an appropriate repair plan to fix the damage. Whether it's a rotting roof or dented roof due to severe impact, our roof repair solutions Houston will secure the roofing of your property efficiently.

Our roofers in Houston ensure that the repair or replacement task is carried out ASAP with utmost expertise. Everything at Houston Roof Repair is convenient as we aim to offer customers with relentless experience. With us you are assured to get the best roof repair Houston TX services.

Enjoy Hassle Free Roof Leak Repair in Houston

Roof leak repair if not done right can give you a headache. Keeping that in mind, we make sure at Houston Roof Repair that our customers get the best of roof repair services and that too at competitive service charge. We also specialize in emergency roof repair services which can be really handy for customers.

Lack of roof maintenance or harsh weather conditions have made an impact on your roof then we are here to help you out. With our emergency services you will get new and improved roofing in no time.

With us you get to enjoy hassle-free experience as you just need to avail our services and relax. We are noted among the best roofing companies in Houston with our continuous high-quality roof repair and replacement services. Feel free to get in touch with us to learn more or clear any of your queries related to our services. We are more than willing to offer you our expert assistance.

Residential Roofing Repair

Protect your Home with Houston Roof Repair

Your home most likely is your biggest investment, hiring the right Houston Roof Repair company is essential. Repairing your roof at the beginning stages of roof damage is crucial for preventing future damage that could lead inside your home. At Houston Roof Repair, we have the experience and the knowledge from hundreds of homes which allowed us to quickly identify and repair roof damage and prevention. Proper roof repair may be entitled to shingle repair, re roof or a complete roof replacement. If your roof needs roof repair, give us call and let Houston's Roof Repair fix your roof today.

Commercial Roof Repair

Finding the Right Commercial Roofing Repair Company

Protect your commercial roof with the top roof repair company in Houston. Our roof repair experts not only provide onsite roof evaluations, but also work with you to find the proper repair solution for any commercial roof repair issues needing roof repair. We are committed to finding you the most affordable roof repairs that do not break the bank and last for years to come. We care about our Houston commercial roof repair businesses and want to make sure each one can operate knowing they have been covered by a reputable roof repair company.

Shingle Roof Repair

The Importance of Shingle Roof Repair

Shingle roof repair is an extremely important step to right away stopping water from getting underneath your shingles and rotting the wood. When Shingle Roof Repair is not taken care of on time, the cost of repair increases. For this reason, it is essential to get your roof leak repair at the first site of damages such as:

Missing Shingles repair: Usually after a heavy storm you see roof with missing shingles. Missing shingles could be a problem and must be repaired immediately. You should call a reliable Houston Roof repair company to do the repairs.

Curled Shingles Repair: There are many reasons shingles start to curl. One of the most reasons is they’re just getting older. When this happens it can allow water to penetrate the wood below. But what do you do about them? Its best to call the professionals at Houston roof repair and have them inspect the roof.

Broken Shingles Repair: Broken shingles are ugly and a leak waiting to happen. If remain unrepaired, they are most certainly allow water to penetrate the wood below, which begins the rotting of the roof.

Cracked Shingles Repair: If a shingle is cracked or torn which is also known as "thermal splitting" is the result of the hot sun beating on the roof. In most cases Cracked Shingles dont have to be replaced - just repair it. When cracking begins, your roof's underlayment becomes open to to water damage.

Roof Leak Repair Houston

The most obvious sign of a roof leak repair Houston is that the water is running down the walls or pooling on the floor. Call roof leak repair Houston for a free inspection of your roof.

Damp moist spots on the ceiling is another obvious sign of a leaking roof. Look for dark areas on your ceiling and touch to see if they are moist or wet.

Most of the times the homeowners dont go to the attic and miss the water stains, mold and dark marks in the attic. It is important to inspect your attic after each storm. Call a professional Houston roof repair to do an inspection of your attic.

Houston Flat Roof Leak and Repair

Water leaks is the biggest threat to Houston flat roofs. These leaks only occur at the worst times possible. In addition, these leaks will only get worse overtime putting more burden on your pocket and costing you more money to roof leak repair.

Often referred to as flat roof, flat roofs are not exactly flat or they would hold water during rain and storms and create water pooling problems. Instead, they are designed with a very low slope to direct water to the drainage system of the roof.

If you notice that your flat roof has started to leak, the first thing to do is contact your local Houston roof repair specialist. Request a free roof inspection. Third work with the flat roof repair company making sure the roof is repaired properly and fixed for good.

At Houston Roof Repair, we specialize in flat roof repair and continue to be Houston's best flat roofing repair company. Give us a call today for a free flat roof inspection.

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