Flat Roof Repair

Flat Roof Repair
November 18, 2018

Flat roofs are actually not flat. It has a very low slope to drain water. Flat roofs are more vulnerable to water damage because they hold water for a longer period on time compared to the steeply pitched commercial roofs. Puddles are certain after heavy snow or rain. The longer the water stands on the roof the more likely it will cause roof damage. Houston Roof Repair.

Flat Roof Repair in Houston

Discovering the source of a leak in a flat roof is usually easy. Most flat roof repair can be done by patching the roof with the same material as the roofing. For materials like modified bitumen (similar to asphalt roll roofing), apply the patch with roofing tar. Other materials, like EPDM rubber, TPO (a type of plastic) and PVC (another plastic), need to be heat-sealed.

Flat roofs should last for 25 to 30 years with proper maintenance. The reason for flat roof maintenance is to perform preventive care and to spot water leaks ahead of time.

Flat Roof Maintenance Tips

Keep the Drains Clear: You can avoid the water from standing after the rain by cleaning the drain opening clear from leaves, tee branches and other debris. Regular cleaning is a must to avoid flat roof repairs in Houston.

Inspect the Metal Roof: Flat roofs have seams which should be inspected regularly for cracks, scratches, or other damage. This damage can cause water to leak through the metal roof and should be repaired as soon as possible.

Inspect the Flashing: Flashing on the metal roof protects the plumbing, roof vents and helps to prevent water leaks. Look for the obvious signs of cracks and gasps which could allow water to leak.

Flat roof repair
Flat roof leak repair

EPDM roofs are the most common flat roof used for residential flat roofing. EPDM can be fastened by using a heat gun or a glue for Flat roof repair. Spotting a flat roof leak can be challenging because water may seep under the roof membrane for a considerable distance before finding a path through a seam. It is best to hire a flat roof repair expert to repair and maintain your roof.

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